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7 pcs stainless steel environmental test chambers on the testing process from Wewon

7 pcs stainless steel environmental test chambers on the testing process for Wewon, Temperature Range: -70C +150C, Humidity Range: 20%--95%, Good quality from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Welcome your inquiry !   There also has 1 pc sky blue color environmental test chambers on testing work. Testing Volume: 80 Liters, 400*400*400mm (W*D*H mm) with 2 rooms. The most advantage for Read More

Questions & Answers for Wewon’s Xenon Test Chambers

1. How is the radiometer calibrated for Wewon's Xenon Test Chamber ?   Answer: We have 2 ways to do the rediometer calibrate. Way 1 is, We have a measurement tool which can calculate the data automatically; Way 2 is, We have 1 unit standard parts and stock here, When we need the rediometer calibrate, We use this standard unit for calibration.Read More


One of the most major aspects of quality is durability. If a product meets this requirement, it means that the product was made tough enough to last for a long period of time. The aging testing of specimen helps us to determine how long the finished product would remain in good condition. This type of testing can be performed in the highly effec Read More

The Magnetic Contactor in Wewon’s Environmetnal Chambers got a CSA Certification

● The Magnetic Contactor in Wewon's Environmetnal Chambers got a CSA Certification, You can check this CSA Certification on the related links. This magnetic contactor is a famous brand from Taiwan, The certification number: LR112529-4   ● In fact, Mostly of Wewon's key parts/ core spare parts, ma Read More

THE UL Certification for Magnetic Contactor used in Wewon’s Environmetnal Chambers

● In Wewon, Most of the parts which used for environmental chambers, We prefer choose a famous brand. For example : Schneider, Gavazzi, Omron, Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson, Unitè Hermetique, Bitzer and so on.   ● The magnetic contactor which used in Wewon's Environmetnal Chambers has got a UL certification as well. Confirm the UL CERTIFICATION for Wewon magnetic contactors, Please click h Read More

Highly Accelerated Stress Test System HAST Chamber

● Accelerated testing is an approach for obtaining more information from a given test time than would normally be possible. It does this by using a test environment that is more severe than that experienced during normal equipment use. Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) is one method of accelerated testing.   ● Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) was developed by Nihal Sinnad Read More

Company Profile of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd

ООО Wewon создался в 1997 году, наша компания занимается исследованием испытательного оборудования, в этом включаются надежность испытания, материалы оборудования, срок службы оборудования. И у нас завод, который производ Read More

Wewon Environmental Chambers For Free Installation & Free Testing!

Environmental test chambers are very effective when it comes down to vigorous testing of specimens in various climatic conditions. They are capable of providing you the desired environmental conditions so that you may deeply analyze the effects of these conditions on your specimen. They are in use for many years in various laboratories all over the world where such kind testing is performed. These Read More

Count On The High Quality Environmental Test Chamber That Comes With Manifold Features !

Wewon environmental test chambers provide the precise control of humidity and temperature in enclosed environments needed for electronics, electrostatics, plastic, packaging, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, university research, biomedical and similar applications. We at Wewon offer high quality chambers to test the integrity and reliability of your newly developed me Read More


Depending upon the environmental conditions, it is obvious for the products to behave differently when they are exposed to different conditions, but one thing that cannot be compromised at any cost is the reliability of the final products. For a manufacturer, it is important that he tests his specimens in the highly effective Read More

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co Ltd

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a leading China manufacturer specialised in supply environmental test chambers ! With presence across 4 continents, the company designs and manufactures environmental test chambers, which is used to simulate real environmental conditions such as temperature, rain, dust, humidity, pressure, etc. in its test space to conduct r Read More


Being the product manufacturers, it becomes very important for them that they conduct the initial testing of their various product samples in quality test chambers before the products go out for further testing. The environmental test chambers facilitate simulated climatic conditions to you so that you can conduct your testing in extremely high and low temperature, Read More

Buying An Environmental Test Chamber Is Not An Easy Feat Make It Easy With Wewon

The engineers of your company has just developed a new product for the betterment of your company but you are still unsure about its performance that weather it will prove true to the expectation of its performance or just fall flat in fulfilling the expected outcome. (Wewon Environmental chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright) Not to worry, it’s better to be sure and safe than sorry since a Read More

Environmental Chambers To Test The Product’s Reliability Under The Different Environmental Conditions!

A huge number of new products are designed and developed by the engineers on regular basis. Albeit these products may prove true to the expectation during the initial phase of development and testing, but sadly, the initial testing does not guarantee that when the product steps into the mass production, will it function appropriately or what will happen when it is u Read More

Environmental Test Chamber To Recognize The Effects Of Different Products Under Different Environmental Stresses!

An environmental test chamber is used to test the various industrial and biological items in a controlled humidity, temperature and atmospheric composition environments. There are different varieties of test chambers available and each of them is used for various applications. Some of the specific varieties of these chambers include finger print development chambers Read More

Identify Product Flaws Through Environmental Test Chambers!

Environmental test chambers are known for subjecting a test specimen to different temperature and humidity conditions. They are being used in several industries for the purpose of meeting intensive testing requirements. The objective of such testing is basically to determine the after effects of the virtual environmental conditions on the tested specimen. Generally Read More


It is hard to trust the reliability of a product unless it gets tested. It needs to be tested to an extent where it seems that the product is up to the mark and ready to be launched for final use by the consumers. A product failing in delivering quality is a big disappointment, not only to the consumers who have paid their hard earned money to buy it but for its man Read More


Taking the toughness test of products is necessary to check their capability to survive in extreme weather conditions. To take such tests, there are climate chambers that provide us with the all the customizations of changing the inside atmosphere of a chamber to see the response of the products in varying conditions. These environmental t Read More

Buying Guidelines For An Environmental Test Chamber!

Whenever any new product is manufactured or developed, it gets vital to check its reliability and durability as well as it also makes a great sense for companies to make sure when and where the newly developed product is going to be used. With no ifs and buts, manufacturers can’t claim a product to prove true all the aspects as long as they do not taste it on dissimilar environment conditions.Read More


Technology is upgrading on daily basis and we are getting to see more advanced products that are making our jobs easy and convenient. In the business world, it is important for a businessman to use the latest technology to survive and grow in the market.  Dragging outdated technology into today’s business models is not going to work anymore and you will be hampering the efficiency of your b Read More

Try the Robust Test Chambers for Variable Environmental Testing

To get a perfect idea about the capability of a product to come over the top in every condition, it is important that prior testing is performed over it. The testing needs to be tough, actually very tough to ensure that the product is absolutely ready for consumption. This testing is important before the product actually reaches out to the customers because it is a Read More

Xenon Test Chambers For Intensive Quality Testing

Quantity can be measured in numbers but if you are asked to measure quality, how are you going to do this task? It’s very simple, through testing. Testing is important to bring out the defects in something and to ensure its durability. It makes us identify those areas which need immediate improvements. But, there are areas where basic testing is not enough and doe Read More

Buying Guidelines For Environmental Test Chambers!

Your company has just developed a new product but unsure about its features and functions. If it’s the case with you, now it’s is your task to invest in an environmental test chamber to test the product. The developed product needs to be tested at various conditions in order to be sure about its reliability and quality. Where to start the testing? What would determine your selection criteria Read More

Environmental Test Chambers – An Incredible Innovation Of Technology!

The products we use today in our personal or professional life is more or less the same as they tend to be decades ago but in the actual sense these products are far different from their originality as the manufacturers of these equipments are constantly effortful in keeping pace with the new trends in technology. The finest example of the new trends in technology can be seen in the form of enviro Read More


Testing of product samples at variable environmental conditions is important to ascertain the defects and faulty areas in them. This hugely helps in finding out ways to increase the durability of the finished and ready to consume products. As the durability of products is directly related to the reputation of a brand so it cannot be taken for granted at all. A place is necessarily required to serv Read More

Take The True Toughness Test Of Products With The Test Chambers

Why is there a need to do quality testing on products or product samples? It is very simple, to know more about them whether they are capable of surviving tough conditions or will collapse after getting exposed to extreme weather conditions like high temperature, humidity etc. The biggest reason of conducting this test is to get a clear idea whether product is ready Read More

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